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When it comes to console based video games no genre has seen as much success as the driving and racing games that have taken the world by storm as they are loved by gamers all over the world for their fast paced action and highly entertaining fun.

Over the years we have seen some great games make their way into this genre as it seems to be a genre that anyone can enjoy as each game caters for both the novice and the expert gamer so everyone can enjoy the game right from the off. In recent years these games have improved so much in regards of both graphics and game play and after comparing some of these games to the older generation it is incredible how far these games have come. As the industry has become so successful for this genre of game more and more developers are now creating and releasing more of these games on to the market than ever before.

As there are so many of these games on offer we have chosen to detail for you two of the most successful and iconic racing games ever to hit the market so we hope you have the chance to enjoy them as much as we have.

The first game that is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue when talking about driving games as it has become a legendary game is the Colin McRae series of rally based games. This exceptional gaming series has taken the world of professional rally to all new heights and offers such an exciting frame work to test all of your driving skills across a wide variety of landscapes. Players can choose form a host of super charged and speedy cars such as the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Lancia, Ford Focus and many more top cars fro  around the world.

The player will then be able to improve their cars with the money they win from doing well in a variety of races as you attempt to go all the may and take the world rally championship titles. You will find that the race tracks within this game are some of the very best and most challenging of any game in its class and no attention for detail has been missed in any aspect of the game. The games graphics are what makes this game as good as it really is and it does feel like you are actually there with dirt flying past you head and many jumps and bumps.

The games game play is also the best we have ever played and makes this game a class above the rest without a doubt.

The second game on our all time favourites list takes the gamer into one of the fastest moving racing competitions in the world and is none other than the formula one championship. This games series has become one of the most popular in the genre and has been providing the gamer with one of the best sources of entertainment they could wish for many years. The games see players charged with taking control of any of the most famous racing teams in the sport and leading them to glory over their arch rivals.

The game is one of the fastest paced and entertaining driving games we have ever played and requires the gamer to be on top of their game if they are to do well and ultimately win the championship. The games graphics are some of the most fluent and smooth running of any driving game we have come across and incorporate a huge amount of detail which shows effortlessly within the game. The backgrounds and landscapes of the game are exceptional and really do depict the actual venues for these races.

When it comes to game play this is where this game excels as it offers the player an easy to pick up and controllable system of playing that is great for any level of gamer.

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