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Football games are becoming ever more popular each day to fans of the sport and now with the all new mobile gaming technologies that are available games of this type are now freely breaking into the gaming market. There are now a huge selection of these games available to you so we have decided that we should review all of the main players in this genre of game as to give you the best information on which of these games are the best. Below you will see we have listed some of the best of these games from a wide variety of gaming developers so we hope you find it of use when choosing the games you want to play.

The top football game that is now available for mobile gaming devices is F.I.F.A 2012 which sees the latest edition of this extremely popular game finally land on your mobile phone. The game features many new innovations such as the ultimate team feature where players will be able to buy and sell players of their choice for real monetary values to other gamers. One of the top benefits of this game over others is the way it is set out for these devices without any complicated flash based screens and so on so you can now jump into games quicker than ever before. The team at the iconic EA Sports have really done themselves proud with the graphics engine that powers this game as it is one of the most sophisticated and flawless ones we have ever seen on a game of this type. It also features extremely smooth game play which allows players to move easily and precisely around the pitch without any lag or screen freeze. All the teams have the latest player information also and without a doubt all of these features combined make this by far the most popular and successful football games ever released into the mobile gaming world.

Our next game sees the main competitor to F.I.F.A hit second spot although there was not that much between the two of the games if we are to tell the truth. This game of course is none other than Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 from Konami and this game does not let you down in any way, shape or form. The games graphics are simply superb and you can tell that Konami have left nothing to chance whilst developing this wonderful and exciting game. They have put so much work into the detail of the game that it now runs as smooth as any other and has incredible game play that will be sure to have you coming back for more again and again.

The third game to make our list for mobile devices is a relatively new games release which has received many great reviews from game analysts across the world so we thought we would see what all the fuss was about. When we first installed Real Football 2012 we could see immediately just how much effort and care has gone into making this game as every detail has been catered for by Gameloft. The graphics are up there with the best in the genre and the game play offers a fluid and exciting feel to it that will be sure to keep you highly entertained to say the least. I also like how they have revamped many of the major tournaments as this again offers the user another set of brilliant features to get their teeth stuck into.

The final game which we thought we just had to mention even though it is not at the same level as the previous three games is Flick Kick Football which is a very basic game that can become highly addictive once you have started to play it. The game has a single aspect within it where players must flick their fingers across the screen to score goals from free kicks. You may think this sounds boring but I can honestly tell you it is anything but boring and you will find it to be one of the most entertaining games of them all.

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