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There are now many video games consoles on the market and each of these have games that simply take your breath away be it for excitement of tiredness after a long game of tennis on the Wii. With this in mind we had the idea that we should review and create a list of what we feel are the very best console video games of all time between all of the platforms they are available on. Other games of interest such as Fight Night Boxing are also highly recommended by the Games unlimited team.

The first of the games that has constantly been on the top of many gaming lists since it was first released is a military first person shooter game that has changed the way console video games are created and played. The game of course is none other than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 which has fast become one of the most iconic games ever to be created and has won the hearts of gamers all over the world. When we first look at this game we see that it is very well designed in both graphics and game play and you can see that there has been a huge effort made by the developers to really capture the realism of the battlefield and this shows exceptionally well.

The games mission mode is very good indeed and offers you the chance to participate in many different battle scenarios as you lead you military forces into battle against portrayers of terrorism. Where this game comes into its own though is when it comes to its online multiplayer features where gamers can connect and fight among other gamers all over the world. Gamers are provided with a host of multi player maps where they can join teams in battle where they must reach certain scores or kills to win the game within the given time.

This game has seen one of the most fluent rises to success of any game in its class and that is why it tops our must have list of console games.

The second game on our list of our favourite ever console games sees a slightly different challenge for gamers as they leave the battlefield and enter the world of the world rally championship where they must compete against some of the best racing drivers from across the world.

First things first gamers will be entered into a huge amount of tournaments where they must gain pole position and then win as many races as they can so they can amass points in hope of winning the league table by the end of the year for both them and their sponsors. The championship will take place at a host of locations around the world from Monaco to North America and you will be faced with some of the most difficult and dangerous courses ever to be created. You will be required along the way to build up your garage and cars as the more money you earn from races the more improvements you can bestow on your vehicle.

The game features twenty two race tracks which range anything from short speedways to out and out danger ridden off road tracks where you will be tested to the max. The game features some of the most exceptional graphics I have ever seen on a game from this genre and you can literally feel the dirt fly past your head and the ground move beneath your feet. The game also has some of the best handling of the cars that we have ever seen and it really does feel so much realer than ever before which only adds to the greatness of the game. The game also features a very good and exciting online multi player system where you will be able to participate in races against both your friends and other online players.

If you require you can sign up and then compete in the world championships online that are offered by this multi player system and then compete for real prizes if you are good enough. These two games are the two we feel have offered the most to the console gaming industry over the past few years and we hope that you get the chance to enjoy them like we do.

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