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The World of Gaming is developing at a Fantastic Rate, with new and innovative Gaming Tools such as 3D Gaming as well as Motion detection technology with Consoles such  as the Nintendo Wii. The team at Games Unlimited have created a great games resource, in order to publish the latest Games News and developments within the Gaming Sector.

Games such as FIFA and Fightnight are classic games that are in the Top 1o more played games around the world. The new developments in technology with the playstation VITA and PSP allow much improved game play for end users, most especially with the Internet capabilites. Mobile Gaming is set to boom even more in the next decade, so much so the typical computer may be a thing of the past.

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We have added some of our Favourite games below:

PS3 Heavenly Sword Game

Heavenly Sword is an emotionally charged and stunning new game that takes players on a magical adventure through the mystical worlds of days gone by. This game is sure to be one of the hottest games releases of the year and sees players thrown into the middle of a battle that will have your brains working over time for hours on end.

Heavenly Sword

Games Unlimited Rating – six out of ten

PS3 Dantes Inferno Game

Dantes Inferno is one of award winning and leading industry games developers EA Games premier creations that has taken the world by storm since its first release date. Take a trip to a magical world as you fight off evil hordes, dragons and mythical creatures in your attempt to make the land a safer place.

PS3 Sengoku Basara Game

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes is an all new and revolutionary game that takes its players on a magical journey into the lost world of Japanese history. Capcom have created one of the best horror based fighting games in history and opened many doors to the fantastic world of the Samurai.

Sengoku Basara

Games Unlimited Rating – six out of ten

Dantes Inferno

Games Unlimited Rating – seven out of ten

PS3 Silent Hill Game

Industry leading and extremely successful games developers Konami have managed to adapt one of the movie worlds best loved horror films to an all new game which is now available on the Playstation 3. This epic and spine chilling game will take you through many of the movies best scenes as you wake up in the terrifying silent hill mining town.

Silent Hill

Games Unlimited Rating – nine out of ten



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